Not So Trustworthy {Chapter Two}

As lunch period started I knew I had to call Cierra. I walked out of the classroom in frustration and anger. I picked up my phone and called Cierra.

“Cierra, I can’t hang out tonight” I explain.

“What why?” She asked.

“My mom just texted me, I’m going to a family dinner” I lied trying to sound annoyed,

“Great, now I have to stay home with my annoying family.” She said frustrated.

“I’m so sorry, I’ll make it up to you.” I said, I knew if I said this it would remove the tension between us. But I knew I would never make up for it.

“Whatever see you later” She sighed.

“Ok. Bye Cierra.” I gulped.

“Bye” She said as I hung up the phone. I was so disappointed in myself for lying to my best friend. If only I could stick up for myself and not let my idiotic boyfriend walk all over me like a doormat. When I hung up I left and sat at my lunch table, sitting at that table was Ethan and all of his stupid jock friends. When I sat down, they started to laugh and whisper to each other. It seemed like they were planning something for the party. I heard Ethan trying to quiet down his friends. I knew that whatever bad was going to happen, it was going to happen to me.

“Ethan what are you talking about?” I ask trying to not sound annoyed.

“Nothing babe don’t worry about it.” I knew that if I tried too hard to get the answers from him it would just end in a fight, I was not in the mood to argue with him so I tried hard to ignore it but it was really hard when they would whisper and laugh at me.

I starting to get hungry. I was just about to leave the table to buy some food, when a hand shot up and grabbed me by the arm.

“Where are you going?” Ethan asked.

“I’m going to buy my lunch. Let go of me!” I looked down and saw my arm start to turn red as he was using all the strength he had to get me to stay.

“you aren’t buying food, not with my money” He said in a low tone.

“This is money from my wallet.”” I said trying hard to stay calm.

“No, I need this for my lunch.” He yelled.

“I don’t care, I brought the money myself.” He held onto my wrist gripping it tighter and tighter. I knew he wanted me to give it to him by force. But I was not doing this for him. He always used this method to get what he wanted. But after getting me to cancel plans with Cierra, he was not going to win this time. He held onto my wrist tight until it felt numb. I slowly lost circulation and felt weak. he could see in my eyes that I was losing. He grabbed the five dollars from my hand. My wrist along with my entire body fell to the ground. I felt someone grab me from behind to soften the landing. I turn around and see a kind, friendly face. It was Kye, I remembered seeing him in my history class, He jumped up and walked over to Ethan.

“Hey, give that money back right now.” He yelled. Ethan turned around and stared at him straight in the face, Ethan’s eyes widen and before I knew it. Kye punched him directly in the nose.


Not So Trustworthy {Chapter One}

The air was tasteless, colourless. There was a cold breeze that blew past my face pushing me back into the warm indoors. I wish I could go back to bed but today was just like everyday. I had to get up and function like every human being so my mom doesn’t think I’m still depressed. I walk towards the car, the big black SUV. Before I can open the door, a black figure jumps out in front of me

“BOO!” It yelled. It was my annoying, ignorant little brother Jason. He’s always trying to get on my last nerves.

“Don’t ever do that again!” I yelled as my brother started to laugh. I hit is shoulder with a hard punch.

“Alecia stop it.” My mom yelled. Somehow it’s always my fault, Jason never gets blamed for anything. I slouched in the car hoping to get some shut eye when I hear a loud voice

“Alecia guess what?” Jason feels like it’s always his job to tell me everything that happens in his daily life. But I never listen, I let my mom do that. My mom always freaks out on us making her late, although her work is 5 minutes away. My mom is an agent, she works with big companies. She’s not aloud to talk to us about it. I don’t know why.

“Ok mom bye” I rush as my mom drives away.

Finally peace and quiet… not for long. I’m a senior in high school. I don’t like school. Does anyone? I get horrible grades. I’m not very smart. When I walked inside, my so called boyfriend greeted me.

“Hey babe.” He says in his trying to be nice voice, but I can always see right through it.

“hat Ethan I’m not in the mood to talk right now.” I quietly confront him about what happened this morning.

“So would you like to come to the seniors lake party tonight?” He asked, completely ignoring what I was just talking about.

“Uh, I don’t think so Ethan, I kind of already made plans with Cierra.” I have never really liked parties because they are loud and filled with idiotic things.

“Who cares about Cierra!? I’m your boyfriend, you come with me, I’m more important then her.” He says

“Excuse me, that’s my best friend your talking about she’s smarter than you and your dumb friends combined.” I shriek.

“Don’t talk to me like that. I’m the reason your popular, I’m the hottest guy in the school, so if you want to keep up that attitude, kiss popularity. Goodbye. No one I know talks to their boyfriend like that.” He screams. He looked furious I was sure he was going to slap me across the face but I know he wouldn’t do that in public. I knew I could never go back to the life were everyone hated me and I was bullied and tortured.

“Ya, that’s what I thought. Speechless. I’ll pick you up at 6:00, don’t make me late.” He laughed and then walked away. I was furious, I couldn’t handle all of this inside me. Before I knew it the bell rang and time for class.



About Me!

Hi everyone,

I am Hailey and I am writing about me and what I like! 5 random facts about me

  1. I love to dance. I do 7 dances and those include Jazz, Ballet, Fusion, Modern, Modern Stage, Hip-Hop and Lyrical. I dance 3 days a week, 1 class on Monday, two on Tuesday, and four on Thursday.
  2. I love The Next Step, Ariana Grande and R5. I love Ariana Grande the most.
  3. I love llamas, me and my friend Alinna are llamas.
  4. I make edits on Vine of Ariana Grande. My account is @arianas cupcake
  5. I love photography and I have an iPod 5.

I will see you in my next post!


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